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we're here , where are the white militias

05 Jul 2020

funny how none of those white militia's showed up. even when we were in their neighborhood. I wonder why. And then white people said they didn't like it. Of course you wouldn't , when the shit some of you talk backfires .

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BConscience 1 month ago

Ever go over 2 a B!tch's house, have her feed U. Blow her backside out in the bedroom. Then look over @ the Family photo and ask her, "Where's Ur man @?" Not that U really care. Ur there doing His business of gaping Her legs.

So... WTF were all them "Inbreed cock suckers" who are (FUCK always) going on about starting a Race War?

Can U say, "Had Ur chance".

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lazmor 1 month ago

a couple weeks ago they rode through a own on motorcycles with bats and such , and attacked 80 peaceful unarmed people. But not a one showed up for this rally. I wonder why

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