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'I couldn't see anything' Duck boat survivor recounts tragedy - Daily Mail

Sweet Melanin
Sweet Melanin
21 Jul 2018

A woman who lost nearly her entire family on a doomed duck boat ride in Missouri on Thursday night says passengers were told: 'don't worry about grabbing the life jackets'. Tia Coleman, who lost nine members of her family (eight pictured top right), including her children and husband, was one of only 14 people who survived when the Ride the Ducks boat capsized on Table Rock Lake in Branson (right survivors being pulled out of the water) during a sudden and severe storm. Tia believes if passengers had not been advised the life jackets were unnecessary, the death toll would be a lot lower. She said 11 members of the family, including herself, had been on board at the time. 'My heart is very heavy,' she said. Pictured bottom left is the moment the boat began to sink. 

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BConscience 2 years ago

U made 3 mistakes
1 Not watching the skies for rough weather
2 Getting on a boat WITHOUT a lifejacket
3 TRUSTING A YT MAN. Who clearly didn't know WTF he was doing, as Captain of said boat.

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Fedora 2 years ago

rest in peace.

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