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A few thoughts on the REVOLT TV Summit, Killer Mike, T.I. Candace Owens; WE Don't Understand Hi

Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard
19 Sep 2019

A lot of people are talking about the REVOLT TV Summit with Killer Mike, T.I., Candace Owens, Tamika Mallory, etc. Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show on 9-16-19 discussed some of their comments and corrects historical inaccuracies. America needs a real history lesson to understand Politics. There needed to be a historian on the panel and an economist. Be sure to read the articles that are listed below for more historical information. #1619Project #400Years #MichaelImhotep

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The height of African American land ownership was not 7 years after Slavery ended which would have been 1872 as Killer Mike stated. It was in 1910 when we owned 15 million acres of land. "In the decades after the end of Reconstruction, as the nation abandoned its black citizens and the South descended into the age of Jim Crow, African-Americans succeeded, against all odds, in acquiring a remarkable amount of land. By 1910, black people claimed ownership of nearly 16 million acres in America. They did so in spite of the constant threat of forced dispossession at the hands of white mobs and officials. Sometimes, black property owners faced sudden and violent attacks, such as the racial cleansing of Forsyth County, Ga., in 1912 and the destruction of “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Okla., in 1921."
The Beat with Ari
How Trump’s racial rhetoric echoes Pat Buchanan
Professor Michael Eric Dyson and Candace Owens debate the issue. Aug. 7, 2018
Your Girl Candace Owens Ran a Trump-Bashing Website Less Than 2 Years Ago. Color Us Shocked
So Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk of 'Turning Point USA' held a meeting of Young Black Conservative at The White House today with Trump. Just 2 years ago it was a different story Candace. #SunkenPlace

A recent report from BuzzFeed sheds new light on Candace Owens, the Black "It Girl" of the “Make America great again” crowd, revealing that the rising conservative star ran a blog that frequently mocked Donald Trump throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.
Candace Owens, Who Thinks Racism Is All in the Past, Got Paid After Suing Over Racist Attacks
Candace Owens, the Black darling of the Conservative Movement claimed that "Racism is over" at the CPAC 2019 Conference. This was after she won a lawsuit alleging, RACISM. You are being played for a sucker.
“5 Times Candace Owens Lied To Congress While Testifying About White Nationalism”

"Donald Trump reveals when he thinks America was great" It was during Jim Crow Segregation and partly before Women got the right the Vote in 1920 that Trump thinks America was great.

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