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First Time Seeing A Neanderthal Demon/White Boy On The Continent.

22 Jun 2021

This Is Another Case Of Another Child On The Continent Of Mother Africa Seeing A Neanderthal Demonic Beast For The First Time.. I Think We Better Listen.. Fore As They Say? Out Of The Mouths Of Babes.. I Think The Children Are Seeing Something The Adults Aren't.. Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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The Motherland  Renaissance Channel (MRC)

what da hell???? why do our people do this rubbish?????

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lazmor 1 month ago

he sense the evil and wants to get as far away as possible

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 month ago

He needs to get his exploitative, nosy, invasive, pink azz the hell out!! What the hell is he doing there anyway?? I guarantee you his motives are not honorable. Certain countries in Africa are hot spots for organ and human, traffickers as well as pedophiles. Out of all the countries in Europe, why doesn't he take his degenerate carcass to one of those!! I know why. Sorry, but this kinda s**t right here makes me angry as hell. The freakazoid damn devil!!

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commonman80 1 month ago

I Agree 100%...

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