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Why I Love Black Women

Everybody Hates Angel
Published on 10 Aug 2018 / In Education

No wonder so many Black women don't want Black men any more. In a world where the majority of videos that are on youtube are focused on bashing, attacking, disrespecting and promoting hate towards Black women. After seeing video after video with Black women saying they no longer want black men and they now want to swirl or date interracially with white men or asian men, I decided to make video about why I love Black women, why I feel Black men should treat Black women better and why it's important to uplift Black women. This video explains why no other woman, other than a Black woman can be my Queen.

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Taylor Alliease
Taylor Alliease 3 months ago

Bm are Kings don't argue with me . :-D

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xoxoshaniyah 4 months ago

Wish there were more men out here with the same mentality and intelligence as you . The way you speak shows the passion you have for your woman , which I love ????????

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Much love to you too, Brother Angel. Thank you to all the Black men out there who love and cherish Black women because with that unity, we will sow the seeds of future kingdoms.

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ihateyoutube 4 months ago

Well alright, King!

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mikebury2002 4 months ago

Black women always true beauty of the universe.

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