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Mexican Police Officer Is Shot 150 Times For Trying To Help Arrest EL Chapo's Son

ML Spade
ML Spade
08 Nov 2019

Sinaloa, Mexico- Police Officer Is Ambushed For Assisting In An Attempted Arrest Of El Chapo's Son...(This Is The Edited Youtube Version) Here's the link

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OGNeedMo 6 days ago

Dayuuum they lit his ass up, that's how white racist american kkkops, should be handled.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 13 days ago

Shalom Brother ML. They are going insane. They need to send these Ameriklan murderous race soldiers over there, since they love blood and death so much and see how long they last in Meheco, with El Chapo's son and his crony's.

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BConscience 14 days ago

Well; THIS is what's gonna happen, 4 now on. Whenever U play that, "I'm YT and I say so" card. WTF did U THINK was gonna happen after the father's 'merica's just-us treatment?Did U really think U could pull the same trick TWICE? And don't call urself "Sending a couple of Marboro boys" 2 play cowboy. remember what happened 2 that Mormon family.

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