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Emancipation day march 2019 1Aug19 v1.1 (Events of the Day)

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
09 Aug 2019

The Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparation March, Windrush Square to Paliament Square. 1Aug19. Video Highlights. Events of the Day. Reparations movement has been active in the Caribbean and the uk for decades, The African continent has recently joined the movement and together with the governments of several Caribbean nations with Jamaica leading the charge has been suing the British government and other european governments for Reparations. Because the Majority of the Black british population are originally from Caribbean descent, the Reparations march always coincide with Emancipation Day a public holiday in the region of the Caribbean which started in Trinidad and Tobago back in 1986 to honor the ancestors when they officially became freed from slavery. The event focuses on the traditions and cultures of the continent that the Ancestors came from and their memory .

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