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NASA Actor Mark Kelly Launches His Fake Senate Campaign | Predicted Propaganda

13 Feb 2019

NASA is completely fake. Mark Kelly is an actor for the Scottish Rite Freemasons, and is one himself. Learn how you can always know when this type of propaganda comes out.

You should read this book to learn much more -

Make sure to keep up with the rituals -

You should read this book to learn much more -
Zenith of the Alpha America has a very great take on all of this -

Uncover the code -
Go and watch more videos at Zachary Hubbard's channel -
Exposing the Saturnian gang of tyrants and the specific symbolism they use -
The solution to the tyranny can be found here -

Watch these channels to learn a whole lot more.

Jay Pilon -
Dan Behrendt's channel -
Gematrinator's Channel -
John Martinson's Channel -

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