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Operation: Flee to MS. Let's Examine the Possibilities...

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
14 Sep 2020

We will examine an 'operation' that suggests that blacks in America flee from their homes to the US state of MS to escape racism and persecution from the white man. The founder suggests that setting up our own government in a US state will give us salvation and protection against the evils of the white man!

This same idea is similar to those who have suggested that blacks in America move to Africa to live, and to presumably take over! After all, who wants to move to some place else just to live - you want to RULE right?

Well, we will examine the pros and CONS of such an idea and if it is something that could in fact take place and be effective. Some suggest that it could work if we simply tried it. Still, others suggest that without proper planning it could never get off the ground. Moreover, the leader of such a grand idea suggests that OTHERS must get started on the fleeing action while he sits back to view the results, THEN he will decide if it is worth his time to flee as well.

Man - this sounds unbelievable, which it is! We will examine it FAIRLY to see if this is more babble from the mind of the insane, or a sound plan that will once and for get the white man off of our backs! Some of the info COULD be wrong, but since an official spokesperson for the movement refuses to explain their theories to the people, you will have to assume that whatever I present is correct. Join us!

Hello. Any donations can be made via Google Pay! Thanks.


To: alquanspeaks@gmail.com

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