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Your White Privilege Doesn't Work Here, Becky!!!

22 Dec 2017

This woman runs a the DEURALI Tea-shop on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. This white woman tried to stiff this shop owner over the price of a cup tea! As you can see mama ain't having it! And her 15 y/o son didn't even come to her defense!

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TXroseRN 3 years ago

I went back and got down the broken English that I didn’t hear the 1st or 2nd time. She said, “Sorry??You white! You rich!. Your son not the problem. You the problem. You ppl come here bargaining.” Later I can hear her say. “Your son good. You woman.” $1is 65 rupees. That white woman owed $30.77. These ppl purposely get on planes traveling to poor countries and instead of just doing like everyone else, it just can’t be enough saving money, they gotta try and bargain down to an embarrassing low price thinking it will fly bc ppl and their families got to eat and they are just so happy a white person has graced their shop. Trifling. Stealing??? Atrocious. That’s generational sin at work.

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mickybricks 3 years ago

should have gave her a 10 piece combo then kicked that CAVE TRASH off the mountain.

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) Please,Please,Please, White Bitch Stop Stealing!!!

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) This White Woman didn't want to pay for her tea,thinking that it's Cool to steal from minorities,just like her nasty ass ancestors

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NatureG21 4 years ago

Thing of it is, she never went in her pockets to pay the 2,000 rupees the woman told her she owed her; just kept saying she was sorry...damn thief!!

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