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WAKE UP CALL: You don't "deserve" a damn thing. SETTLE FOR LESS.

03 Sep 2021

The rest of us, who settle for less on an everyday basis, have zero patience for entitled pricks who haven't worked hard for anything in their life thinking they deserve shit.


People "deserve" the basic needs every human being living on earth should have; equal opportunity (not equal outcome), education, and healthcare. There's an argument to be made for water and power (gas, electricity, solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, etc.) as well.

What people don't "deserve" is luxury. You don't "deserve" trips to Dubai, Fine Dining, Jewelry, expensive clothes, shoes, Fur Coats, Yachts, Mansions, Jacuzzis, Penthouses, VIP sections, First Class flights, Private Jets, etc.


If you "deserve" any of those things you should be able to get them for yourself.

Luxury is for either trust fund babies or the people whose lifestyle you want to leech off of and benefit from that actually put the work in to live it.


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