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Investing in Baltimore real estate auction in the hood-Row houses

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
27 Nov 2020

What is real estate investing like in the Baltimore Maryland Hoods? Well, today we get to visit a multi-family auction with my friends and fellow Entrepreneurs/real estate investors Daniel Borrero and Chris Burch. These are two- 5 unit buildings going up for sale and the opening bid is $150k. This video is part 1 of a 2 part series that will document the numbers, take you around the Baltimore neighborhoods and inside one of the units before we make a bid, if we decide to make a bid. Further you'll meet the owner and his realtor as they tell us all about the property repairs, tenants, occupancy, and the backstory. Baltimore has some very unique and interesting construction I've never seen before. Row houses are very popular but the construction style is strange. Dan called these property "Rail Road" style, and you'll see why. Let's look at some Baltimore real estate together....

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0:00 - Intro
4:20 - The Baltimore city and hoods
4:58 - Dan Borrero explains pre-war construction and the exteriors of Baltimore row houses
10:05 - View the exterior of the 10 units up for auction
11:03 - Meet the realtor, She gives us the backstory and the details
12:55 -The owner explains the property & the numbers but doesn't want to be on camera
17:45 - On the rare occasion, you get to MEET MY WIFE
18:00 - The parking situation
18:32 - Let's go inside one of the units
20:38 - Inspecting the crawl space, this was scary
22:40 - The stairs are so steep I almost slipped off
23:06 - 2 bedrooms upstairs but you have to walk through a bedroom to get to the 2nd bedroom

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