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latino fires gun at Store clerk because he couldn't use toilet. Black man gets the blame.

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
10 Aug 2019

Surveillance video Friday of an altercation inside a Florida City store that resulted in a clerk and a latino suspect being shot.In another example of the growing social privilege for latinos against Black people in america.

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 2 years ago

His ass shot himself. Florida folks are getting more savage every damn day lol.

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mickybricks 2 years ago


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David01 2 years ago

Latinos in states like Florida, Texas and California are just as much the white supremacist as white people. The majority of them Identify as white no matter how dark they are. They control the media the police and elected offices in these states that's why this dirt-bag got off the hook for pulling a gun and shooting the black clerk ON VIDEO. IMO the one thing Trump is doing right is on immigration.

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