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hold your heads high

04 Jul 2021

⁣ so now that the master race has realized it is no more than a bastard race , the rules of competition has changed to keep the black race at the bottom. I call on every black athlete worldwide to say to hell with your olympics for these travesties of injustice. BUT I suppose you'll still be the trained obedient little nigglets and proudly run your asses to tokyo forgetting all those who strived to get there through their own perseverance , but were denied because of simply being superior naturally. hold your heads high and say fuck the world black women . BLACK PEOPLE WE NEED OUR OWN

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sly35965 3 months ago

"Greetings, Yes. Africa Should Start Its Own Competition Games/Sports. The Word: "Olympic" Is Based On Mythology Beliefs And There's Nothing Mythical Concerning Black Excellence Share...Thanks."

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