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Black tokens don't want reparations

01 Jul 2019

They want to keep us playing their sick politics. They HATE the very idea of ADOS and are fighting desperately to marginalize us.

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Kimathi100 5 months ago

This issue is Straightforward? ADOS are OWED REPERATIONS Period! ONLY The Decendants of the PEOPLE who went through HELL in AMERICA! Nobody else! If other BLACKS want REPERATIONS take it up in the countries you were taken to, and Experienced your own brand of PERDITION! Because If ADOS succeed with this CASE it’s a Game changer and a WIN, WIN for every BLACK person around the WORLD! It opens the DOORS for ALL of us to Launch our bids for RECOMPENSE from the ‘CRIMINAL NATIONS’ who caused our ENSLAVEMENT and Committed CRIMES Against HUMANITY!

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