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Squirrel Hunting

Above All That Drama

Urban Hunting and pest control with INSANE slow-motion scope cam footage as I defend my backyard, and sometimes snag a little dinner.

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**** Disclaimer / Warning ****

This video contains footage of pest control. Squirrels are humanely killed in accordance with all laws. Graphic sections have been removed so you don’t get butt hurt. I do not do this to glorify the death of animals. While I certainly toe the line between entertainment and hunting, I do so by showing educational footage on how to humanely dispatch a pest. The fact is this is 1000x more humane than the traps and poison sold at every hardware and grocery store.

If you have an issue with this… please don’t watch. For some insane reason, you still will… but don’t say you weren’t warned. One suggestion… go buy a home, and then let me know how you feel when these critters try and destroy it. You’ll either go one of 2 routes… 1) poison, because you’re not man enough to do it yourself, or 2) you have a change of heart, and realize pest control is 100% needed, and an airgun makes it so that the animal doesn’t suffer.

**** “use a real gun”, “these animals suffered”, etc etc ****

I understand you may feel the need to tell me to use a “real” gun. May I suggest you checkout sites like www.edgunleshiy.com and www.edgunwest.com to see how modern airguns are not what we had as kids. These airguns are fully capable of humanely taking down mid to large game. In fact, for small game and pests, I tune them way down. Finally, firearms are NOT legal, or safe to shoot in urban backyards. The laws are different from state to state and city to city, but airguns, in some capacity are legal and a humane way of dispatching pests.

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