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Applebee's racial profiling Black Women gets 3 employees fired..

Black Global Village
Published on 13 Feb 2018 / In News & Politics

Viral video showing Black Women being racially profiled from applebee staff results in three of them being fired from the company..

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Yoyo103 9 months ago

Another restaurant chain doing the Dennys! All melenated people, do not support these restaurants when this type of racism happens. I haven't been back to a Dennys restaurant in over 25 years when that racial profiling happened and now with Applebees that restaurant won't have to be bothered with me either plus their food is not appetizing, ITS nasty! Fight all these racist bastards by NOT spending your hard earned money on them!! #Black1st

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 9 months ago

They may be stupid for going in the first place but the place is open to the public. And this is what happened as a paying customer.No value which is the problem. The point is not to say I told you so, the point is we should support them when this thing happens. And steer them towards our own B.O.B. restaurants.Which in time can grow where the option exists that there are many franchises and independent black owned restaurants all over the place in areas where there may not be where our people live.

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mickybricks 9 months ago

what was them sister,s doing in that place to start with.
should of stayed on code and got some Soul FOOD.

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Team Spirit
Team Spirit 9 months ago

I no they had some pink people DNA in there food too!

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22429681 9 months ago

(Lita Michelle) These Mayo People are loosing their jobs,and being expelled from schools and sororities for bring racist or racial profiling,so I guess being racist toward Black People is more important than keeping your job and being able to keep a roof over your head,and being able to feed yourselves and your children,and Black People are supposed to believe that the Mayo's have High IQ's,I Think Not!!!

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