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Jabari Osaze Exposing the Fallacies Dane Calloway and The African American Aborigine Movement Pt 2

Iskosi Umfundisi
Published on 14 Sep 2018 / In Non-profits & Activism

Dane Calloway SCHOLARSHIP get DESTROYED and set back the WHOLE ABORIGINAL MOVEMENT!! HE is a FRAUD and ROBBING good AFRICAN people for money.. PLEASE WATCH!! MUST WATCH!! WE can NOT ACCEPT anymore Jesse Jackson Types in OUR communities anymore..



BlackNews102 has been recognized as one of the Leading Youtube Sites for Educational and Current Events. Though, BlackNews102 began its journey by making available educational programs and educational debates concerning the history and current issues of the Black Community it has recently expanded its programming. Now BlackNews102 in addition to its educational programming covers the gambit of innovative news reporting affecting our community, elections critical to our people, sports events, celebrity news, business, science and technology news.
No other channel has the mix of experts that BlackNews102 has in its programming. We are proud to feature Phds, Professors, Doctoral Students, Politicians, Community Activists and experts in their fields. We also feature Celebrities, Entertainers and experts within that area. However, we are most proud of giving a voice to the powerless, to the up and coming leaders, to the community. We are also very proud of the Business Experts that we have on our shows that give cutting edge tips to give our community financial literacy and a pathway to economic freedom.
We believe empowerment begins with the Right Programming to its audience. Content Producers like myself have been recently censored by advertisers who do not like our critique or our programming. They withdraw their ad dollars if we comment on Racial Politics that affect our community. Many of our programs that simply critiqued the system for institutional racism have been demonetized.
We are now seeking alternative methods to produce our cutting edge content and one of those methods is to ask you to be a Patron of our Station.
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BlackNews102 is not only the Leader but the Pioneer of what is called Konscious News and Entertainment and has launched a nationwide network of shows just like this.We first began our Journey with publishing on Video Tapes, then to DVD media, then to You tube and now to Live Streams. However, the technology cost us greatly and the lack of ad revenue is hurting us.
If you do not support us then unfortunately our community will be feed the same dis-empowerment content that keeps our community dis-empowered while others profit on our patronage.
Become a Patron today and the only thing that you will be thinking about is why you did not do this sooner. Help water this garden of Empowerment for our Community and Peoples.
Thank You
Frank Garry, Founder BlackNews102/ Sa Neter Tv / Sa Neter Studio

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Blax_Reloaded 9 days ago

yea I don't support saneter but there is a major "ass whoppin" headed towards these blackfoot indians. I'm from Carolina and Im actually related to some indians. But there's a big difference from marrying indians and having babies, than being indigenous black indians for thousands of years. NOT THE SAME. Slaves were forced to mate with who ever was in the general area. That doesn't make you indians. African genetics is the most dominate genes on the planet. African plus any other race most of the time equals black. Especially 2 or 3 generations down from the first mixing. You can't claim "indian" when only "one" of your grandparents is indian. Everybody else in the family is black but some how in 2018 , grandchildren and great grand children are claiming full blood indian?????..? American black folk have a major self-hate virus running thru they'r blood. a shame

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Iskosi Umfundisi
Iskosi Umfundisi 9 days ago

Great point Brother!!

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Blax_Reloaded 8 days ago

Correction - when I said "African plus any other race most of the time equals black." - I meant to say "African plus any other race most of the time LOOKS black. I meant to say Looks black. We do have a problem in the black community of black looking people attempting to elevate themselves into leadership position over black communities. Such as Kamala Harris. We do in the future have to draw a line on what's actually black and what's not. If only for security reasons.

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Iskosi Umfundisi
Iskosi Umfundisi 7 days ago

@Blax_Reloaded: Kamala Harris is one of the BIGGEST coons out there!! She will used the Black card when it benefits her.. When it do not, she like fuck them Niggers

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