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15 REAL Ways to Invest in Yourself

10 Views· 11/20/20
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Wise Phenomenal
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Every self-help resource out there mentions that an investment in yourself pays the best dividends.
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What are the best ways to invest in yourself?
What should one know if they want to invest in themselves?
What do people mean when they say: invest in yourself?
How do you invest in yourself?
How to invest in myself?
How does one invest in themselves?
What are the most effective ways to invest in yourself?
How to invest in yourself when you have no money?
What are some real ways to invest in yourself?
What is the best way to invest in myself?
What are the best ways to invest money in yourself?
People say invest in yourself that is the best investment. What do they actually mean?

00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Read for growth
01:50 - Talk to people - Find a mentor
02:50 - Make friends
03:46 - Travel far
04:50 - Take courses to build skills
06:47 - Understand how to & Actually Build Health in your life
07:36 - Sell something
08:26 - Optimize your environment
09:14 - Teach Something
10:02 - Build a separate income stream that’s not dependant on you
11:36 - Clean up your image
12:14 - Expose yourself to art and creative ideas regularly
13:38 - Learn a new language
14:18 - Better equipment & tools
15:05 - Practice introspection & Stop saying YES to bullshit
16:28 - Question

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