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Amtrak New York to Los Angeles in a Roomette

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Wise Phenomenal
10 Jul 2020

The first of a new series of videos where I show you how you'd go about taking a long distance train trip which requires you to take 2 or more trains. In the first of these videos, I show you how to travel from New York to Los Angeles via Chicago with Amtrak.

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Other info:

Please note that if you want to connect from the Cardinal to the Texas Eagle, then an overnight layover in Chicago is required. You will need to take the Lake Shore Limited if you want to connect straight onto the Texas Eagle to Los Angeles.

You could also travel from New York to Los Angeles via New Orleans by taking the City of New Orleans followed by the Sunset Limited.

If you want to do the trip that I've shown you in reverse (ie Los Angeles to New York) then just apply what I've shown you in the video backwards.

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