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Uber driver says she’s kicking gay couple out because they’re gay.mp4

09 Sep 2019

you know I really aint into the lgbtq whatever thing, nor do I really give a flying fuck what people do in their personal lives. But this here is a prime example of those holier than thou christian mfs who have taken their bible and beat everybody over the head with it. Now if this woman is so damned much of a christian , she should not be driving for uber or nobody else for that matter, and should stay in the house because she's on the wrong planet. What I find that people who scream the loudest about this is their latent homosexual tendencies that they are trying to repress. Thats why it seems to offend them so much.But she got exactly what she deserves. FIRED. Now i'm going to ask her, DO YOU THINK GODS GOING TO PAY YOUR BILLS DUMBASS ? HE GAVE YOU A JOB AND YOU FUCKED IT UP WITH YOUR HATE.

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Magenta 4 months ago

Black Americans hate everybody, including themselves. How did she know the passenger was gay? It couldn't have been obvious at first sight. Black people don't want to be discriminated against, but still they dish what they can't take. Trump has emboldened so many.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 4 months ago

You're right...she shouldn't work for Uber since it is their policy not to discriminate based on sexual orientation. However, That's why I would never drive for them because you are basically giving up "ownership" of your own car. Somebody balls danglin' like Megan the STILL gotta pick this mofo up??? Oh hell nawl!!!

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