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Hong Kong Unmasked | Exclusive Report

01 Dec 2019

Hong Kong’s violent anti-government movement continues to rage. It has won the world’s attention and the support from politicians in the West. But what’s really fueling the chaos? Through exclusive interviews and copious research, RT America’s Michele Greenstein, who was an eyewitness to the violence, paints a comprehensive picture of the protests. “Hong Kong Unmasked” explains what sparked the unrest and the social problems that fuel it, and it reveals how forces in Washington have exploited it for their own ends.

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lazmor 8 months ago

just as we knew it . lies lies lies from amerikan propaganda machine. these people aren't railing against bejing they are railing against the govt of hong kong which is all about the rich orchestrated by the same evil demons on the right wing amerikan govt. But the news in the west wants to paint this communist picture whereas you have the fools filled with hate in amerika wanting to believe it. when in reality these people originally were fighting against capitalism, until their protest was hijacked by the amerikan CIA and britains MI6, and probably israels Mossad

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