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White Supremacy Won't Wait Us Out!

15 Mar 2019

The clown car of democrats running for president won't get us to soften our stance on Tangibles.
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Bashment HQ
Bashment HQ 1 year ago

These High-IQers should have drop the "white supremacy title" after the 1st bi-racial baby. ➧➧➧ Clowns: How are you going to be SUPERIOR with 100% recessive DNA ????? YOU CANT LEVEL UP on a cellular level.: ◕‿ ◕。 White people cant even survive sun-light ...... smh. · ¨white supremacy· ¨ is like saying · ¨jumbo shrimp· ¨ =its cute but not facts

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Zarpkid96 1 year ago

Supreme class in session.

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