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Has Israel's wall brought security? | Inside Story

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Israel's separation wall still stands and continues to affect the lives of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

15 years ago, the International Court of justice ruled against Israel's separation wall.
It said, the state can not use the 'right of self-defence' to build and maintain the barrier.
For Palestinians, it is a symbol of military occupation and an attempt by Israel to grab more land.
Once completed, the wall will stretch through the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem at a length of over 700 kilometres long.
It's affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of palestinians.
And the number of illegal Israeli settlements have gone up in the meantime.
Israel argues it's protecting its security.
But at what cost to peace?

Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen

Ammar Hijazi - Palestinian Diplomat.
Avi Bell - Senior Fellow at the Kohelet Policy Forum.
Diala Chehade - Former Outreach Officer for the Arab Region at the International Criminal Court.

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