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Couple Stopped By Police For Parking Car In Own Driveway While Black

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
20 Aug 2021

Stopped and questioned in their own driveway for “driving a motor vehicle on the road”, and “because they can”.
It’s suspicious to walk from your car to your house, while black. The UK is not innocent. This incident happened in Ipswich, Suffolk

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eureka 2 months ago

These white folks cannot help being racist; they just love to persecute our black brothers and sisters, but I want them to know, the tables are going to turn and it is going to happen much sooner than they think; look at what is happening to the US now; the world is no longer afraid of them, and their days are numbered also.

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truth2power 2 months ago

I would have not even spoken to them, I would have just gone about my business

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lazmor 2 months ago

everywhere in the world black people are suspect

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