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Garuda Linux : The Next-Generation Linux Distro Is Here With STUNNING FEATURES ( FOR 2021)

30 Jan 2021

Garuda Linux is a Bleeding Edge Distro with Features and Advancements that are unseen in any other Linux Distro. Garuda is the Future of Desktop Linux. In this video, We'll be having a look at this spectacular distro and the fantastic things it brings to the table.

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Garuda Linux is an Arch Linux based distro that is unlike anything out there. I checked out Garuda because many of my views asked me to, and I was beyond impressed.
Garuda comes with a super easy installation, 15 different variants to choose from, advanced BTRFS file system, timeshift system snapshots accessible from grub for enhanced system reliability, garuda assistant for deep system control, garuda gamer and so so many other features that we don't see anywhere else. And Garuda is visually stunning on all the desktop environments.
I've been playing with Garuda for some days now and it has got so many things that left me impressed. Garuda Linux might just well be the cure for your distro-hopping.

Q: Is Garuda Linux Indian?
A: Yes

Q: What is Garuda Linux based on?
A: Garuda Linux is based on Arch Linux

garuda linux i3wm
garuda linux bspwm
garuda linux kde dr460nized
garuda linux kde

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