Jersey City Police Shootout Multiple People Dead Including Police Officer

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Shala Yisrael

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
11 Dec 2019

Investigators looking into the deadly shooting of a New Jersey police detective and the deaths of three others at a kosher grocery store Tuesday say there is growing concern that the market was specifically targeted, senior law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation said. But it is too early to know what the motive is behind the attack, one senior law enforcement official said Tuesday night.

Both of the suspects, described by the sources as a still-unidentified male and female shooter, were found dead following the standoff and furious gun battle Tuesday afternoon, officials said. Three civilians were also found dead.

Jersey City police Det. Joseph Seals, 39, was killed after police investigating a murder approached the two suspects and one of them opened fire, shooting the officer in the head, according to the sources and officials.

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mickybricks 2 years ago

They lie like mofo,s

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lazmor 2 years ago

oh they've spun this so well they got the regular coons doing newscast with the mayor saying how welcoming these jews are, and how harmonious the area is. yet i haven't to this day seen one of those mfs or these coons sya anything when young people are gunned down by thugs or police. But I bet those cops and those jews and the mayor say they deserve it , even when they have no gun.

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2 years ago


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