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same old bullshit manslaughter instead of murder.mp4

23 Nov 2019

when are we going to get tired . these murdering bastards shoot us , and they buy you off for a few million dollars,. mfs like this shoot you in cold blood and they get a manslaughter charge. But the minute you shoot one of those mfkn devils its murder. And that even goes for those black cops who kill one of those white bastard criminals in the line of duty. no paid leave for them , they are arrested instantly and charged with murder. But in all or 99% of these white devils killing us , its either shooting in the back, elderly or unarmed. In this case this lying sack of shit, who changed his story but has been getting 41k for 3 yrs awaiting trial. But as always its some lightweight ass manslaughter charge. yet he shot this man 6 times . a 58 yr old man who supposedly fought with this bastard, who supposedly reached for a pole, who supposedly ran away. When are we going to say fuck these mfs and their fake ass trials and go kill these mfs and their families , and let them know how it feels to lose someone for no damn reason other than hate. Isn't that why they kill us for no reason ? then we should reciprocate and kill them for the very same reason . hate. then maybe they'll stop when they really realize we hate their asses enough to kill them and their families

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9 months ago

#StartHuntingThemAndTheirs NO MATTER THE AGE OR SEX

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