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Father Says Police Treated Him Like Suspect As He Tried To Help Son.mp4

14 Aug 2019

this is the tyoe shit we have to deal with. But the dad should have shot the little white devils. This is why I say to black folk, DON'T CALL THE FUCKING POLICE WHEN THESE WHITE DEVILS FUCK WITH YOU OR YOURS. KILL THE MFS YOURSELF AND LEAVE THEM LAY THERE UNTIL THE POLICE PICK THEIR NASTY ASSES UP OR ROT. When we learn this , you won't be made to feel like you did something wrong or explain a mfkn thing to these white devils. START SHOOTING BACK. And I would suggest this dad take his son to a firing range , teach him about guns , teach him how to protect himself and keep his mouth closed, and when some mfs like these white devils run up on him again , leave them lay there dead, and walk away as if you don't know shit, or better yet dad. Get the fam together and find these mfs and terrorize them. I know this area well, and it's been mixed for as long as I can remember. But now you folks know, as i've said b4. A lot of these white mfs living around you hate your mfkn guts or think of us all as criminals and thieves, but will laugh in your face as though you are friends. Now I don't know why they went after this kid, but thats really not the issue. The issue is how the police questioned the victim, and his dad, while the white criminals stood across the street, and wasn't a mfkn thing asked of them. So that means even an adult black person 's word is not worth considering when they accuse white teens of wrongdoing. y'all learn sooner or later. We black people have to make our own justice. FUCK THE WHITE MAN'S LAW

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David01 1 year ago

I agree the first mistake is calling the police. You get no better results than calling the local Klan chapter. The only justice black people in America will get is at their own hands.

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MDS Multiverse Network

I totally agree

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1 year ago

Their time IS running out. #FTP

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