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Self Hate & Being Color Struck - Contouring, Skin Bleaching, Colorism & Swirling

Everybody Hates Angel

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makaveli06a 1 year ago

Well said brother well said...

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mikebury2002 1 year ago

Bleaching always a curse.

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Abdul Childs
Abdul Childs 1 year ago

Colorism is a product of white brain washing that dates back to slavery. Its simple - divide and conquer. Its sad that even some of us who call ourselves "woke" are so sleep we dont even realize that we are affect by things like this. Black is fucking Black. I dont care if you are albino or dark as night.

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SouConVo 1 year ago

I just posted a vieo3 of this new skin bleaching chemical that basically peels off the dark skin. It's sick to have this much self hate.

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