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Botham Jean's Best Friend and Friends Were White But Black People Are Protesting??

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
03 Oct 2019

Alexis Stossel, Botham's classmate at Harding University and one of his best friends, took the stand Wednesday during the punishment phase of Amber Guyger's trial.

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lazmor 8 months ago

You mean you folks didn't know that. thats the mentality of most if not all black people that come from other countries always go where the whites are. that in itself says something about the amerikan black. Sad to say if these folks come from places where shit is fucked up or bad housing , education health etc, and see people who look like them having access to things they can't dream of and would rather waste it, or not take advantage, and destroy housing they beg to live in , you wouldn't associate with them either. And they are taught this not through the media , but by what they see how so many of us act n the internet. Also a LOT OF REASONS THESE MFS ARE HERE IS BECAUSE THEY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE WHITE MAN and his way of life because its been passed down through generations, and when black people come into power, they are lost and afraid or don't trust their own to govern . why do you see all those fools risking life and limb to go anywhere the white man is

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