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Cop fired after claiming a group of black men 'don't belong in my city'

Delightful Baby
Published on 09 Aug 2018 / In People & Blogs

Demarcus Bunch shared footage of police officer Mike Moore telling him that he and his friends don't belong in "his" city. Moore was fired from the department in England, Arkansas, after the footage was released on Facebook.

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Luvall74 2 months ago

Those demonic beast DON'T belong on this planet more like HELL.

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ihateyoutube 2 months ago

You betta speak on it!!

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westwood123xfan 2 months ago

Like I've been saying, they are nothing but BED BUGS!!!!! What takes them out is a HEAT TREATMENT WHICH IS WHAT YOU STATED!!!! FUCK THIS BED BUG INFESTATION!!!!

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Live4ever 2 months ago

That damn Badge makes them believe that they are above the law ????,good for his ass!!????

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iamKelvin 2 months ago

Smdh these cacusoids always think they run shit

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BirdsEyePerch 2 months ago

Their recruitment process specifically filters for high functioning retards. He literally looks like the product of fetal alcohol poisoning, or an oxygen starved premature birth.

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ceejay 2 months ago

He's about to be hired down the street or given some cushy political desk job in a different dept. of the city.

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