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NEWFACE MAGAZINE LV MEDIA FEATURING: Goalden Chyld with Rizza Islam "Subliminal!

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Rizza Islam feat..... "Subliminal!" -
What energy are you on? The culture needed this in hip-hop! Real revolutionary hip-hop.

Opens with the voice of Assata Shakur

Then the voice of Marcus Garvey

Goalden Chyld
Verse 1:

"Not yo average nigga I'm a god out the hood
they can't downplay me i came up I'm elevated

I ain't gotta say too much for them to know I'm coming for what's mine you know they see me and my presence say it!

Young but you not just gone finesse me like you did my people way back when you said they was emancipated

Ya head too big, ya feelin yaself, the game wasn't fair you had the advantage we wasn't educated

I don't look at you people the same, your worst nightmare my skintone up out them chains I'm not no circus lion son son i can't be tamed

You gone have to kill me pu**y toby ain't my name y'all still want us to think that history started when we was slaves? Huh, come on now talk about them pyramids we made

Been chosen by that man you know Ya'll just been running game. The nerve of you acting like i ain't teach you how to BATH (hold up).

*Chorus: You've fooled me time anddd timeeee againnnn, the tables turned nowwwww i knowww I'm bout to win

Oh you knewww this timeee would commeeeee oh yes you diddd.

Verse 2:

"This ain't back in the day like you know you know
granny used to see you act like she done seen a ghost

We not buddies this just business i just need a quote
they can't run the game and call the shots when we the goats

I know killers & drugs dealers they all with us hit me up like look i ain't perfect i just want walk witcha straight flush the brick down the toilet after we talked with'em didn't nobody want'em we took'em cuz we saw GOD in'em

*Prayer verse:

"I know you've prayeedddd for meee, hungggg frok the tree, ohh you criedddd through the daysss and through the nightssss

Verse 3:

"Make the money put the money back in my economy my brother he don't talk a lot he busy buying property

Hell yea it's personal but that's the way it's gotta be i got plenty critics but I'm focused they don't bother me

Back down? Ain't no backdown, y'all take one we take ten man y'all know how we commin! It ain't no hoe in us naw we ain't runnin! The death on my square is the death that i want!

Yea, I'm talking subliminal, compared to what we boutta to what we did was minimal the more we work the more our competition look invisible my miney good momma they wanna make me a criminal yeaaaa

Ya'll keep on asking I'm like what i need permission for? Can't cut me out i need that I'm kicking down the door

I'm plugged wherever i got bloodties around the globe they wanna see me on my knees but i can't never go


You've fooled me time anddd timeeee againnnn, the tables turned nowwwww i knowww I'm bout to win
Ohhh you knewww this timeee would comeee oh yes you diddd

Marcus Garvey:

"If you are not prepared to do it then you will die! Though we see and have changed every day so pray, work, be steadfast, and be not dismayed. Because as the Jew is held together by his religion, the white race is by the assumption and the unwritten law of superiority. The Mongolian by the precious tie of blood. So likewise the Black man must unite as one grand racial hierarchy. Our union must know no clime no nationality but let us all hold together in every country & every climate. Making a racial empire upon which the sun shall NEVER SET!'

It's time

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