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SC Prison Guard Gets 7 Years For Stabbing Inmate With A Shank

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
24 Feb 2020

A South Carolina Department of Corrections supervising officer, convicted of stabbing an inmate “multiple times” with the inmate’s homemade knife, was sentenced to seven years in prison late Thursday afternoon by a federal judge. “No one is above the law,” said federal judge Michelle Childs at the end of an almost two-hour hearing at the U.S. courthouse in downtown Columbia. Minutes later, former Corrections officer Jarrell Boyan, 29, collapsed outside the courtroom, screaming and moaning with emotional pain at the prospect of having to serve seven years as a prisoner in the very kind of facilities where he used to be a guard.
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6 months ago

I am going to let it be known that it was the Black CO's that were some of the most Demonic actors within the MDOC system here is Michissippi. #DontDropThatSoap Fool

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