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Raging white man gets knocked out — twice — after attacking black father at community pool – Raw Sto

01 Aug 2019

As a lot of black folk are telling you fools we are not our grandparents and trump is going to get a few of you killed. TOO bad there is no video of this. But the commentators description is just as good. And as I've been saying, this brother whomever he is did it. He beat this bastards ass not once but twice and went on about his business . No fanfare, no video, but everybody and the world knows this white racist got his lunch handed to him by the so called n**** he thought he was going to punk in front of his kid. Black people instead of crying and filming shit that these mfs do to you. Do what this brother did. whoop their ass and go on about your business. and if you tape it , just tape the part of you whooping his or her ass, and the reason why, and leave your face out of it. and when you upload it use a different vpn

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Jaygo 11 months ago

No assault with deadly weapon? No Hate Crime, no racial assault,, nope, just 6 days in county Jail.

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RedZone News T.V.
RedZone News T.V. 11 months ago

good for that racist mofo stop talking shit

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 11 months ago

Valentine got knocked the fuck out you say? Valentine is a fucking biatchhhhhh! LoL

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1BrotherMack 11 months ago

He probably pushed up on several people in the past, but this time dude beat his ass ! August 2019

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lazmor 11 months ago

not once but twice he knocked this fool out lolololol

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