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Mistaken Identity aka Murder With Music (1941) | All Black Cast

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Directed by George P. Quigley. Cast: Nelle Hill, George Oliver, Bill Dillard, Ken Renard, Noble Sissle, performances by Skippy Williams Band, Alston & Young.

Louis the piano player is murderedby a knife-throwing killer in the middle of a showat Bill Smith's nightclub. Suspicion immediatelyfalls on Mike, an excaped convict, mainly due tostories being phoned into the city desk by nosyreporter Hal Ford. Hal has more than news on hismind, though - he has his eye on the club's mainattraction, Lola. The sexy singer is also Mike'sgirl when he's not in jail. When Mike and Lola are mistaken for club owner Bill Smith and his wife,Hal sees an opportunity to put his rival away for good. 59 min. - Internet Movie Database

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