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Shooting of teen Latasha Harlins at Empire Liquor in 1991 (Warning: Graphic content)

05 Jan 2020

Warning: this video shows graphic content.

This is security camera footage from Empire Liquor in South L.A. on March 16, 1991. Teenager Latasha Harlins and store owner Soon Ja Du got into an altercation. When Harlins tries to walk away, Du shoots her in the back of the head. (Video courtesy KNBC)
what gets me about all this is the korean bitch lost an insured business, a white bitch judge let her go with community service , and niggas burned up and looted their own neighborhood, but only after rodney king. now the 2 mfs that should have died are that white bitch judge, and the pos korean bitch. But as niggausual, a young girl was murdered and bad niggas did nothing. And it still continues today with scared ass mfs faking being men carrying guns killing each other and other innocent black people, but let the real enemy , whites and others spit in their face , fuck them over, kill them , and nothing is done to them

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Magenta 10 months ago

You hate black people so much, I'm going to bypass your content. Your comments are hypocritical, toxic, and aggravating to my soul. You are the "scared ass mf" that you hate, that's why you have an Asian wife. Good that you're erasing the blackness. Too many like you out there, masquerading as pro black, but truly loving the Asian races.

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