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Prime Cuts - George Macon: Hood Einstein vs. The Formally Educated Part I of III

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
05 Nov 2020

Hey - I respect all people and their perspectives. What I do not like, are those who have dropped out of school, dedicated their lives to crime, then try to do battle with those well versed in 'hood scholarship' (they don't seem to realize it...) along with being formally educated - which shows DISCIPLINE, which is why they call it such!

I dropped out of school, then I went back and went on to go to college, so I know both sides of the intellectual debates - and I also know the LIMITATIONS of both sides! A little lesson: One side (hood scholars) LOVE to incorporate their slick, street, manipulative ways into a debate that requires nothing more than facts and the acceptance of the facts. When those tactics fail - the violent nature of the hood scholar shows itself! It takes a person who is disciplined AND not fearful of the hood scholar (I come from the hood myself...) to combat them successfully! The bottom line is - the hood scholar is not as intelligent as they think, as they are mainly SLICK, but they are quick to anger, which is a prime weakness...

The other scholar, is the formally educated one. These types go all the way up to Phd level, while some merge with the hood scholar and lie about having a doctorate degree, but use the title to make themselves sound more important (and truthful) than they really are. These persons many NOT have gone to college at all, but figured that they studied enough to be considered the equal of any college educated person. They will also proclaim that no one NEEDS to go to college to be smart (they are undisciplined), so they bang on the formally educated.

There are some with some college credits, but whom did not graduate. There are some with degrees of some kind - but not a Phd, but they will call themselves "doctor so and so." These kind want the respect of what they sought to finish, but did not. Then you have the formally educated PhD! They worked hard for their titles and their weakness is - they believe that what THEY say MUST be the final word on a given topic, and when anyone dare to challenge them, they explain how the person has failed to do all fine research. If that does not work, they then try to say that they traveled to places, so that makes them more aware than the typical negro.

Some people debate because of a topic that they love is being discussed (me), while some love to debate to BRAINWASH people into accepting certain points of view. Still others, look for debate simply because Youtube hood scholars do it and they want to be like them! Regardless to why - you need to be prepared for everything! When you are not prepared and are trying to be slick - it WILL come out!

Lastly... As you listen to this, you will take note that there are three Caribbeans on the panel and three black Americans, including the host. Note how the Caribbeans took great pains to 'stay on code' with their mission and stick together in order to legitimize the pan-African concept. Then take note at the hostility that the black American engaged in towards his brother - siding with those who are NOT with you, but against you! Pan-Africanism is a cultural death trap for black America! You cannot simply think BLINDLY about skin color without thinking about WHO keeps trying to get you to think a certain way! I will get more into that in the future...

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