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#BlindThisRacistWithLye Turn her ENTIRE World BLACK

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

You can not reason with racist so STOP TALKING AND START BLINDING THESE RACIST. The bitch wouldn’t be able to block you if the bitch couldn’t see, think about that.

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lazmor 2 months ago

all he had to do was neck chop this bitch , leave her gasping for air and go upstairs , and when the pigs arrive tell them and show them this bitch was impeding his entry plus put her hands on his child. But like you said this coon was afraid . I'll bet a dime to a dollar had this woman been blac or even black male this guy would have mutha fucked him or her to death and would show how tough he is to his kid by doing everything he could to physically remove them. But being the coon ass mf , he let his kid see that these white mfs have power over him and their black asses. And that kid will grow up to fear the fuck out of these nasty mfs , but ready to kill any black person that tries to steer him/her right. I am so tired of seeing these negroes trying to reason with these mfs. Now he could have done what you said and left , and patiently waited for this bitch to come outside today or tomorrow and then came up to her with a mask or not , because the bitch figures we all look alike and are criminals, but come up on this bitch and crak her mfkn dome to the pinker meat . And don't take a dime from the bitch just leave her ass laid the fuck out .

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