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Racist Pinky Get 20 years LOL (Karma)

The Haze Of Our Lives
Published on 04 Oct 2018 / In Comedy


Don’t drop that soap Bitchboy

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JuliusOfSouthAfrica 2 months ago

20 years aint enough end that filthy fuckin snow apes life life without the possibility of parole... Handle him ruff.. Why are those officers being nice why wasnt he beat the fuck down like i would have been if i was in cuffs talking about killing honkies and crackers.. And i bet they put him in protective custody he so fuckin big and bad put him in general pop.. Glaicer ape wouldnt last 24 hours..

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commonman80 2 months ago

That "Fucking Nigger" Just Sent His Demonic, Neanderthal Beast Punk Ass To Prison For 20 Years.. Hmmm, Sounds Fair To Me.. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

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JamJunction 2 months ago

That woman has strong arms!

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