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lazmor 7 months ago

this is the bullshit these white mfs will not admit. this bastard did this for no other reason than he didn't like the black man's color, and all evidence points that way. Now in the same breath . the 3 teens that killed the girl in new york in a park , already they are throwing around the term that its a hate crime from every white mf involved , when if you listen to an accounting from one of the kids that were there , they said they saw a guy first they were going to rob, but changed their mind. probably because they figured he'd put up too much resistance. so the reason they picked this girl was simply . she was an easier target. But that is not how they want to see this called because these kids as young as they are and found guilty, would have to be released at 21. But the more they tack on to keep them in jail forever. think about it

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