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Maoris perform the haka in front of U.S. consulate in Auckland new zealand

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
06 Jun 2020

The Maori (Maori means the people)show solidarity to African Americans and the memory of George Floyd by performing the haka outside the consulate in downtown Auckland in new zealand. What is significant about the Haka is that it can be used as a greeting to friends as well as a battle cry. Because one of the elements is missing from this Haka(The part of the indidivdual greeting and leaving an object of freindship) this Haka is most likely a battle cry to enemies of the Maori. They are saying that African americans are their friends and the enemies to them are now the enemy to Maoris.Also what is also important is who is peforming the Haka.some members of the Maori gang called Black Power one of if not the biggest Maori gangs in NZ who often do not take part in protests are doing the Haka. This is perhaps the highest gesture of goodwill of the traditional and modern Maori culture to African Americans that the indigenous people of Nz can make.

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