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how to download and install fortnite,

20 Aug 2018

how to download and install fortnite,

Download And Install Clik here [ http://bit.ly/2nFQBzV ]

The critically acclaimed battle royale Fortnite game has finally made its debut on Android, following the success of its iOS release 4 months earlier. Fortnite for Android offers all the familiar features players have come to love, while allowing for crossplay with anyone on console or PC or iOS device.

A gentler battle royale: Pretty much keeping the with Fortnite's lighthearted theme, the mobile version is as cartoonish as the original, focusing on battles and not on the violence or gore.

Cross-platform multiplayer: To balance the gameplay, Android Fortnite will drop players into mobile-only matches, but cross-play will be available if players choose to party with a console or PC user.

Newbies welcome: Taking into account the clunkiness of the touch-based controls, Fortnite features a beginner friendly mode that will auto-fire when the player points their crosshair at an enemy.

High production: Thanks to its AAA budget, you'll be hard pressed to find another free title as polished with such immense replay value.

Cosmetic-only purchases: Players can buy in-game V-Bucks to purchase costumes, emotes, and other cosmetic skins that provide a high level of customizability but offers no gameplay advantages.

With the Android version finally here, Fornite has come to all major systems and mobile devices. Players can now party or test their mettle with friends from all walks of life to try to be the last one standing.

how to download fortnite,
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