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Removing Nano Poisoning from the Body: The War Against Nanoparticles & Nanotechnology in the Bod

13 Sep 2021

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Removing Nano Poisoning From Your Body

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This originally was an email sent into me from SixthSense. A long-time subscriber and a wealth of information. We then turned this amazing email into a blog. The blog became so popular, I then turned it into a permanent page on our website. Now due to demand - I'm turning it into a video for those who don't enjoy reading but still want the information.

Removing Nano Poisoning from the Body - This video is step by step instructions on ridding your body of all nanotechnology and the poisoning that goes along with it. Our bodies are not made to have heavy metals in them. Heavy metals like mercury, barium, strontium and niobate. All of these heavy metals can be found in geo-engineering concoctions in chemtrails, in the atmosphere. In our foods, on our clothes and in our bodies.

At first you this may not seem like a danger to you at first glance but after 5 minutes of research you'll soon realize at how much danger you and your family are truly in with nanotechnology and the nano-poisoning you are sure to suffer from after coming in contact with the heavy metals in chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs, meats and other non-organic foods and materials in our everyday lives. This is a VERY serious subject and today we are going to hit it dead on. So let's get started.

From adjusting the PH balance in your body to a level of 7-8 with alkaline water to scrubbing properly with bath salts and even washing your clothes to the max. This list has everything you need to rid your body of these nano bots the first time you attempt. We reference other YouTubers headed down the same lane of sanitation and even give thorough directions on shaving your head and using USB microscopes to check your work and see the whereabouts of these bots real-time.

These directions for ridding your body of nano poisoning is not for the light of heart - this is designed for folks ready to destroy nanotechnology in your body and flush it out. Do NOT start on these directions unless you're ready to dedicate real time and energy to getting rid of these nano bots and nanotech that has accumulated in your body over the past few years.

These nanobots and nanotechnology could have become trapped in your body from a number of things but our best first guess is straight from geoengineering and chemtrails. These nanoparticulates come from the sky in these heavy metal mixtures and get mixed in with the food source through the naturally growing crops. Once you eat these foods you are infested with these nanobots. They get trapped in your body, come out in your sweat and attach themselves all over your body inside and out. This video and blog is a guaranteed way of getting this nano poisoning out of your body for good. You have to follow these directions to the letter. So get ready to pay attention.

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