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The Breakup of Yugoslavia (What it will be like in America)

06 Oct 2019

Why did Yugoslavia split up? In this video, I attempt to look at the complex situation of the former Yugoslav republics and what led to their breakup.

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Satiate Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

All images/footage used in this video are either public domain, CC or free use.

Fair use as this is a transformative work for educational proposes.

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9 months ago

Outstanding content!!! I love it when Pinkerton kill each other.

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NoMincedWordsTV 9 months ago

Did you understand the similariities between them and us? They cleansed them, their own people. What do you think they will do to blacks in America? Like they have done historically.

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9 months ago

@NoMincedWordsTV : Both countries run by Vile Whites or close to it, the only thing they didnt have was #FagNation caling the shots behind closed doors. This country aims to Purge Blacks but I am set on taking as many with me as I can. Lear how to make RDX, thank me L8r.

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