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DANGEROUS OR GOOD PET ??? Pitbull Dogs Take Care of Baby as Nanny

24 Jul 2019

DANGEROUS OR GOOD PET ? Pitbull Dogs Take Care of Baby as Nanny

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mickybricks 10 months ago


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Ebubu 11 months ago

How can it be ok for dogs to be licking babies directly in the mouth or anywhere or babies sharing food with babies ?

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Magenta 11 months ago

Just... nasty. Not around my kid, no way. All good for others, though.

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MemoGrafix 12 months ago

Awww ... isn't that cute?
Cave Beasts naturally interacting with their canine blood-relatives.
Some scenes are intensely cute.
But it is DISGUSTING to allow a dog to lick anywhere on the body & eat behind them, especially when You're Black. It's okay for NeanderThugz to do it.
I raise Pit-Bulls for many years & trained them never to lick Me & other people.
Pit Bulls were once revered as "Nanny-Dogs" while parents left children home, they protected them provided the dog was well-trained and well fed.
There was a Nanny-Dog named Peedie a Pit-Bull on the old 1920's-1930's "The Little Rascals" that's a clue of a Nanny-Dog.

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