The New Black Junction Tv Android app is in the google play store and available for download!

The old app will continue to be available for a couple more weeks. Click here to download the app or search 'Black Junction Tv' in the Google Play Store.

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MaryannT23 1 month ago

I had spoken about this evil agenda and youtube again told me I was doing a hate speech.i don’t care though.i won’t stop telling the truth and I don’t care if I get called homophobic or whatever.this is evil and they want to make pedophile behavior or actions be normalized.they are trying to get to the innocent children.they better stay away from my grandchildren.they won’t liked the results if they messed with my family.this is so disgusting in so many levels.the parents that let this crap happened need to be jailed or have their children taken away.sodom and Gomorrah are all around us.pray to god,to yeshua.we need all the help we can get.god please help us put a stop to this evil thing.

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