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LionnessontheRise Lioness144

Yes, we have been saying this for years, but this time it is really about to happen. Saints this is the season for the tribulation to start. This is real. I have has SEVERAL CONFIRMATIONS from Yahweh's mouth to my ears that He is about to do a New Thing. It will be horrible for lukewarm saints, but amazing for those of us that have filled our oil lamps and are PATIENTLY WAITING on the Kings arrival. WE MUST BELIEVE THAT THIS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. The Wise Virgins were in a state of waiting patiently with a passionate heart toward the Lord. The unwise virgins were also Christians; however, they were NOT aware of the times, and thus did not have oil in their lamps. Now is the time to cling to the Lord Jesus; fall in love with Him again. He is about to address His bride. The bride should be EXCITED to be with the Groom. There is a shift coming, a major shift. THIS IS REAL!!! IT'S REALLY ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!

1.) Dream: SHOWTIME; God is About to Put on a Show; Fate of Dad; Narrow Road Detours; Games/Distractions:
2.) Bus Dream - Symbolic Rapture? Fate of My Dad:
3.) Dream: 3 Days of Darkness Starting; Men in Black; Ark (Rapture?); Spiritual House:
4.) Warning Dream: Mesmerizing Plot Against 144,000 & All Mankind; End-time Distractions:
5.) Dream: Satan's YouTube Kingdom Exposed - POWERFUL REVELATIONS! BEWARE, Watchmen144:
6.) I Dreamed the Coronavirus was Coming, Now It's Here = SIGNS OF THE END OF THE WORLD:
7.) Dad Dreaming of Noah's Ark (In this dream my dad was standing with my brother Michael, but Michael did not say anything in the dream, only my eldest brother spoke. Since this dream both my dad and brother Michael have passed. I now understand that this dream was symbolically telling me that they were going to pass.) :

Spiritual House Videos:
1.) Dreams: Spiritual House Represents Where We Are In Christ:
2.) Dream: Super Pregnant; Bus Dream; Spiritual House:
3.) Dream: Parents Flawed for Not Teaching Kids About God - Spiritual House:
4.) Dream: Spiritual Self Giving Orders; Spiritual House Explanation; Pests/Vermin are Demonic:
5.) Dream: Spiritual House Size Depends on OBEDIENCE to God!:
6.) Dream: 3 Days of Darkness Starting; Men in Black; Ark (Rapture?); Spiritual House:

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BConscience 2 months ago

It has come 2 my attention that U CANNOT TELL ppl YAH'S warnings. 2/3rds WILL NOT listen. 4 those that do. There R INDIVIDUAL messages tailored made 4 them 2 do what is needed 2 do.

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LionnessontheRise Lioness144

Yes your right, we must never stop trying! My prayer is that my channel brought a few or however many I could of waken and expose this evil kingdom is my goal!! I am glad you have hung in there with me and my channel. Stay strong in YAHUSHUA at all costs I am sure I will see you in the kingdom of Heaven!!! Keeping all my brothers and sisters in prayers!!! All PRAISES TO YAHUWAH OF ESTEEM IN PUR BLESSED MOST HOLY OF HOLIEST YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH OF ESTEEM IN OUR MOST BLESSED HOLY OF HOLIEST RUACH HAKODESH LIONESS 144

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pettiford36 2 months ago

Jesus is a Blackman sista!

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LionnessontheRise Lioness144

You are right! Some of us are still under the program even though they truly love HIM. We will have patience with her until she knows the truth!! Be blessed!! ALL PRAISES TO YAHUWAH OF ESTEEM IN OUR BLESSED HOLY YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH OF ESTEEM IN OUR BLESSED MOST HOLY OF HOLIEST RUACH HAKODESH!!!

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