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Community Concerns.mp4

16 Aug 2019

This video goes along with an earlier video that had a demon cracker youngster saying what he's going to do to crackers. Here is the response from the black / negro citizens. they are going to talk to the school board, which will have some meetings to "discuss this" but can't do shit because it didn't happen on school property. And also the sheriff can't find a reason to lock the evil white mf up who made the video. Now instead of these grey headed negroes telling the black folk that we aint gonna be another rosewood, they are doing the same be nice don't work bullshit not to offend white people, that negroes always do. What these men should be saying to the sheriff and the town is since you can't do anything about it, we will arm our kids, and if you , or this mf come upon us get ready for war. but they won't, and that white little bastard will antagonize the whole town. I guess they'll do what most afraid negroes do. wait until something happens, but until then keep the curtains closed

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