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WARNING! Unknown Strand Of Pneumonia More Deadly Than COVID-19 Has Surfaced

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
24 Jul 2020

When Demon Rulers Are Quiet They Are Up To Something Deadly. Now all of a sudden a new strand of deadly pneumonia has surfaced. They are calling it an unknown strand of pneumonia deadlier than COVID-19. Unknown?? Yet the black nurse caught it in the hospital. How did it get in U.S. hospitals if it started in Kazakhstan?? They know exactly ho it got there and it is becoming obvious that heathen ran hospitals, that are suppose to help you, have become death houses to kill you!!

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sly35965 6 months ago

"Greetings, FATHER...Spare/Protect Those Individuals Who Are Lost In The Wilderness Of Deception - Create A Path For Which They Can Return(if he/she chooses)Back To You Share...Thanks."

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